Youth Empowerment Series 2014 – The Theme

Move up to the next level ! Unleash your potential !

Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.

   Shiv Khera




The Main theme and focus of our Series is to encourage young student community to do their best in all the forthcoming activities and ensure that they can safely experiment and succeed in developing stronger skills and confidence.

Now youth participation is about the real influence of young people in institutions and decisions, not about passive presence as human subjects.  Youth participation is consistent with the view of “Youth as resources” and contrasts with the image of “Youth as problems” that permeates the popular media, social sciences and professional practice when referring to young people.

Empowerment is defined as a “social action process that promotes participation of people, organizations and communities in gaining control over their lives in their community and larger society.”

Combining the concept of youth and empowerment we bring about a more dynamic and synergetic action plan of youth empowerment. It is also one of the critical issues in education today.

The concept of youth empowerment is to give responsibility to young people at an early stage in life. It is to make young people to learn the skill of both following and leading.  It also means a mindset that allows young people to be active citizens and future leaders in their communities and let their voices be heard in their societies. It requires a constant balance between directing and guiding.

In short we intend to empower youth to create a better world.

Youths are the back bone of any nation. If the youths are skill full, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, they build a Great Nation.  The best example we know is Japan. How it emerged from ashes to the second largest economy of the world after the Second World War.
As one of the first initiative of the series we present to you Mr Shiv Khera’s talk on the topic “Leadership for Self Development”